I’m the only one my size.

Well, Hi. Happy Valentine’s Day. And Presidents’ Day. and Happy Leap Day in a few days. 

This past weekend, I visited Rachel at her house in South San Francisco and we had such a great time. Oddly, this seems to be the only photo that was taken of us the whole time, but that’s ok cause its a pretty good one 😉


I drove up again, which makes the count 2 times now. Quite impressive for a directionally challenged person like myself. =) I played The Little Mermaid Broadway, Lady Antebellum, and Ingrid Michaelson pretty much the entire time, which really helped. 

While I was there, we went grocery shopping, watched ‘Friends’, skyped with Christine, made [and ate] cookies, watched home movies, went to Target and bought wonderful things, organized her room, watched Thumbelina, went to an open house, went to Reality SF and served in the nursery & saw Jake and Rory too, had LOTS of yummy foods, and of course went to Bi-Rite and Masu. It was quite a great trip indeed.

Oh and back to Thumbelina, that movie is so great. 1. Jodi Benson 2. Fairies 3. Jacquimo. Rachel and I started crying about 7 minutes in during this scene… [@ 7.35]


Just too great. Man oh Man. 

Busy weekend and week to come… wish me luck 



2 thoughts on “I’m the only one my size.

  1. whoa look at you driving all the way to sf! i’m impressed! when i come home we can make the drive togetherrr 🙂 & bi-rite is a perfect picture!
    aw thumbelina!

  2. aw yeah! Road trip together would be so much better! … Which reminds me of what we could listen to on the way there…

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