She’d Rather Fix Her Make Up

I follow a blog called Things Organized Neatly for the obvious reason that it’s great, and it inspired a little look-see into my make up bag. Neatly.


Bare Minerals Matte Foundation, Mineral Veil, & Well Rested Concealer | Maybeline Mineral Powder | Benefit Playstick | Benefit Stay-Don’t-Stray Eyeshadow Primer [best stuff ever] | Elizabeth Arden Eyeshadow | Bare Minerals Brushes | Benefit Dr. Feel Good Matte Refiner | Covergirl foundation | Revlon Smokey Crayon | NYX Eyeliner Pencil | Covergirl Olay Blush | Benefit Coralista powder | Revlon tweezers wide and fine | Covergirl Eyelash Curler | Maybeline Great Lash Mascara: Very Black and Clear | Neosporin | Vanicream Moistuizer | Burt’s Bees



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