Just Everything

Well hello there. Its been a while since I’ve typed a lot of words on here, but its been a while since I’ve been motivated to do so… so now that I am, I may as well get going on it… A lot is going on and I’m feeling chatty…

I started school again almost 3 weeks ago now, and I’m just about getting the swing of things down. My schedule [since I know you’re dying to know] is as follows:

Monday– Advanced Interior Design 12-1:15… Its basically a business class tapered strictly to starting a design business.
Tuesday– Drawing and Composition I 1-4:15… yep that’s right, 3 hours and 15 minutes of drawing, or as my teacher likes to pronouce it ‘drawling’ … yes, with an ‘L’ in there. I don’t know what’s more frustrating; having to stradle a little drawling horse for three hours that looks like this…


[no that’s not a back rest, its what you rest your drawling paper against… I repeat NO back support for three hours]… or hearing the TEACHER of the class say drawling with an L 20 times. Still deciding. If you hadn’t guessed already, this is one of my more challenging classes… still learning how to like it. Anyway…

Wednesday– Advanced ID 12-1:15
Thursday– Space Planning 9-11:50, Drawling 1-4:15 

I’ve counted, and NOT including tomorrow, I only have 15 more Thursdays in the semester. They are the roughest days, 2 3-hour-classes in a row isn’t the most pleasant of experiences. But I love my Advanced class a lot. I have friends in there, and we just basically talk about our businesses and our goals and come up with fun names and mottos and business plans. Maybe it will get harder, but I’m absorbing the good for now.

I recently was going to apply for an internship with Anthropologie the BEST STORE EVER, but it turned out to be a lot more of a building-things-out-of-wood-with-tools type things which isn’t really my forte. or interest. So I decided to pass on that one [plus the woman I spoke with told me they would pass on me as well… but nicer =) ] But I’m still a-looking… Crate&Barrel, Pottery Barn, all those goodies… If you hear or see anything let me know.

In other news, the sweet and beautiful Rene [Pastor Todd’s wife from Discovery Church] emailed me last weekend asking me to be a discussion group leader in our Bible study this season. Pretty exciting. Plus the fact that I got a personal email from wonderful Rene who I secretly love so so much. Maybe she’ll read this and find out. =) Probably not. But anyway, how our study works is there are about 70 women and we all watch a message from Beth Moore [who is absolutely amazing and a brilliant speaker BTW, if you didn’t know] and then we break off into about 7 groups, and the discussion is ‘lead’ by… yep, the discussion leader. So yay! That’s me! We’re studying James and it’s going to be goooood. Maybe that’s why this internship wasn’t supposed to work out… more time for Jesus. Or maybe its because I’ve never built anything out of wood in my life unless you count making a firewood-teepee in a campsite firepit. I don’t.

What else…
Well, here’s another list. Its the shows that I’ve been watching this season in no particular order

1.How I Met Your Mother: gotta say, this season has not impressed. C’mon guys. Get it together.
2.Glee: Always wonderful.
3.New Girl: This is a new favorite of mine. I love Shmit. ‘We built this Shmitty on Tootsie Rolls’
4.Modern Family: Always so so good.
5.Vampire Diaries: I love this season. Evil Stefan and Elamon [Elena and Damon] is really something good.
6.Once Upon a Time: Gah. I love this show. Snow White is the greatest thing ever. And the evil queen’s wallpaper. and ‘Storybrooke, Maine’? Whoever came up with that wins. They just win.
7.Pretty Little Liars: This one I watch becasue Sam and my dad love it. I  personally could live without it, but oh well. WHO IS A!?
8.Friends: There will always be Friends. Always.

Hmm. Alright, what else… well here’s a random list. I like lists:

1. My room is a mess.
2. Parks & Recreation is tied for my 2nd favorite show of all time, and the only reason I didn’t put it on the list is because I’ve watched every single episode [besides the season that’s currently airing], and I’m giving it a rest before I do it again. YEAH NETFLIX!


3. All the supplies, besides the pencil, in my art class make my fingers dirty and I can’t stand it.
4. Interior Design is a lot of work.
5. We trapped the rat in our attic that was keeping us up at night with its incessant scratching. I slept in the family room for a week til it finally was trapped.
6. I’m spending way more time with Kaitlan and its been really really great becoming good friends with her again.
7. On the resolutions of 2012 topic, I’ve been going to the gym 3 times a week everyweek, keeping a journal pretty consistantly, and I really liked my outfit and found it to be quite crisp indeed.  Look…


Alright. That’s enough. 




4 thoughts on “Just Everything

  1. No way… I just got asked to be a discussion leader for OUR Beth Moore James study, too!! We are pretty much the same. And awesome.

  2. oh i want to do that james study so much! beth moore is pretty great.
    & i also really like the lists. oh i love lists. but i also like getting messy with drawing stuff. mmm charcoal & conte crayon.

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