Hello, 2012!

You seem really nice so far, and I’m excited to get to know you better.


Why am I being weird..?

Anyway… I never used to make New Year’s Resolutions in the past, mostly becasue I found them kind of silly & I would never do them… But this year seemed like a good year to start, after all, I love lists, organization, and getting things done; so why not?

Here they are…

  1. Start a design blog
  2. Read more books than in 2011
  3. Develop a crisper wardrobe
  4. Get a new job
  5. Lose weight and get in shape
  6. Keep a journal

So far, I’ve already read one book, Ellen’s Seriously…I’m Kidding, and I’ve been good about going to the gym and keeping my journal. [Yeah, yeah I know it’s only been a week.] Also, I bought a blazer. So take that, #3. 

Wish me luck, and be on the look out for my new design blog đŸ˜‰





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