Turns out, Alpacas are really great.

So many things have happened in the past week and a half that I need to tell you about! Lets get started…

First, on Friday the 16th, I drove up to Goleta to see Jake because he got home for his fall break on the 14th, but I had school… ANYWAY I drove up that morning and we went surfing. Let me just say, surfing… not my sport. But that’s ok, I’m glad we went. I even caught a wave! [with Jake’s aid] and rode it all the way on my stomach.;)

The 17th we drove up north a little bit, and had breakfast in Solvang at Paula’s Pancakes, and it was YUMMMMYY! I had the French toast, and Jake had the pancakes. mmm! Turns out, it was Danish Day or something in Solvang so it took us about an hour to get out of town… a nice little test of our navigational skills as a couple ๐Ÿ˜‰  but once we did, we drove a little farther north to Los Olivos where we went wine tasting at the Curtis Winery. It was quite lovely, and we got a free bottle of wine iwth our tasting package to enjoy at another time =) sweet deal.

The next day we went to church with Jake’s family, and after went back to Simi Valley where my family surprised Jakey with a trip to the Los Angeles Natural History Museum and the brand new Dinosaur Hall. He was rather excited about it ๐Ÿ˜‰ They had all kinds of cool stuffs to look at, and Jake was a happy little camper. For dinner, we went to Phillipe’s and had THE most delicious sandwiches, coleslaw, and cheesecake EVER. man, it was good.

On Monday, Jake came to my textiles class with me, and after Jake, Sam and I decided to look around this old bookstore in town, and ended up spending about 90 minutes just browsing. We all got books too! [surpirse surprise] Quite fun indeed.

Tuesday, Jake went back home for a few days so that I could go to classes and work and get all my homework done before Friday. It was very chaotic, but worth it…

Because on Friday, Jake and I went to Disneyland to see the Halloween Time and play. We got him his first ever Disney Birthday Button ๐Ÿ˜‰ and did all kinds of random rides. It was a good trip. That night Jake drove us all the way back to Goleta, so the next morning he could get up early to surf with his brother, Jon and his daddy. =)

I slept in, and it was beautiful, and got a starbucks and watched HGTV with Jake’s brother Rory’s girlfriend, Hannah [you still following?] which was also ever so relaxing. Later, after everyone got home, we all went to Carpinteria to the Canzelle Alpaca Farm to pet and hug and watch the Alpacas. My daddy and sissy met up with us too, and got to play. Turns out, Alpacas are really great.

That night, Jake’s family had a barbeque, and after Jake, Jon, Rory, Hannah, Rachel, and I all played games and had a nice little evening. 

Sunday, everyone packed up and headed home…  it was all very melancholy…

And now things are all back to normal… and approximately 6 weeks til I visit Jake again…! countdown begins… NOW




3 thoughts on “Turns out, Alpacas are really great.

  1. MARK TWAIN! HALF TWAIN! Are those the only pictures we took at Disneyland? Shame on us… Hey also, is there anyway to move the arrow buttons for the pictures closer to the big picture? It’s kinda hard to scroll through and look at the pictures at the same time.

  2. i guess i had missed this post, but iiii like it! ๐Ÿ™‚ looks like so much fun! & if you guys ever want to go back to the museum i have these $1 off coupons from someone (i gave some to sarah gasca for her bro’s bday). and i like all the picture-taking that’s going on here.

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