Bite Me.

So recently I’ve been watching Vampire Diaries non-stop. Almost literally. You see, the reason for this is because the new season [season 3] starts on Thursday. THIS Thursday. That means time to refresh with seasons 1 & 2, which luckily we have on DVD. Man, oh MAN… its so great. I really really can’t get enough of it…

I started thinking what is the deal with people and vampires… why are they so popular right now all of the sudden? Why are they popular at all? Why is it such a trend to make vampires these wonderful, beautiful things? I don’t really have an answer, but once, I saw an interview with Jennifer Love Hewitt and she said something that makes a lot of sense…

If you’re going to go, isn’t that a great way to go – a hot guy sucking on your neck?”




2 thoughts on “Bite Me.

  1. Haha. Twilight was on TV earlier today and I was watching it thinking Bella is a crazy for not being afraid of Edward a vampire!

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