Birthday Blog

Hi there,

It’s been quite a while hasn’t it?

Last time I blogged, I was a mere 22 year old, and now I’m 23… I don’t feel very different yet, but I’ll get back to you on that.

Wanna know what I got?  Ok, I’ll tell you.

1.  Books… Emily Giffin from my family, and the rest I bought with my present from my Aunt Karen

2. Dressies! cute cute

3. A starfish hair clip, a starfish stamp, a seahorse plate and mug, a message in a bottle, and a wooden treasure chest from my sissy… so good

4. Life As We Know It DVD and Moleksine pen from my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins in Norcal.

5. Sandals… Mermaid-y, no?

6. Decorate interior design book from Jakey

7. New just-like-a-hotel-white sheets… so wonderful

8. Scarves… One can really never have enough of them, ya know?

9. Stabucks Sippy Cup ❤

10. DROID…I’m in love.

I just loooove prezzies. <333

So, about a week before my birthday, I had been kidding around with Jake to come and surprise me on the day, but of course, I knew it just wasn’t a possibility with his school and tests and what not, but it was still fun to bug him about it… so the day came and went, and I decided just to poke a little more and pester him to surprise me for the weekend AFTER my birthday, again, knowing full well that he just really couldn’t, so after about a hundred ‘no’s I gave up… Then on Thursday the 18th, my dad told Sam and me that he had to work late on a project, so when he finally got home at 9, Sam and I were just sitting on the couch playing with my phone. Then my dad says, ‘Oh, something came late for your birthday today, but its no biggie, just a little present, I’ll go get it from the car…’ Next thing I know, I look up and there’s Jake! WHAT THE HECK!?!? I was sooooo excited! Turns out, Jake had been planning to come to surprise me that weekend for about a month! I didn’t even need to bug him… he just knows me so well… I DO love surprises and this was the best one I’ve had in a LONG time ❤


All in all, I’d say it was a very successful birthday… finished with some yummy cupcake treats from a little bakery called Skiffs.




2 thoughts on “Birthday Blog

  1. omg i’m glad you did this post because i really really almost bought you the decorate book too! but i’m glad my prezzie for you is not something you already got.
    aw jake came! what a nice bf 🙂
    and also i like that you’re wearing bday things in your pictures! likey the dressy.

  2. I’m glad your blogged your presents.

    Have you started The Host yet? Oh and I need to read Carolyn Turgeon’s books as well.

    Have you used the Moleskine pen yet?

    Your sandals are VERY mermaid-y!

    I love that he had planned to surprise you all along. So great.

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