Inside Good, Outside Bad.

               We, as humans, are meant to be inside.

That was my favorite quote from my Intro to Interior Design class tonight… I was like “THANK YOU!!!” ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have always thought so. I think her point was more along the lines of humans and animals alike have an innate need to find shelter… Like how cats curl up in the corner, or when you feel uncomfortable at a party or something you usually stand against a wall. 

I liked the first class, and I’m excited about all the stuff we’re going to be covering. Its basically and intro to all things design… drafting, color study, space planning, history, and materials. 

I also feel a little bit prepared on some of the things we’re going ot be assigned to do becasue of my rediculous quantities of design blogs that I follow ๐Ÿ˜‰

On another note, right now my whole family is participating in a hydrating mud mask… =) I feel just like Emmaline from Bed of Roses [and for those who have not read that, she does a face mask while finishing up some computer work at the end of the day] 


Speaking of Bed of Roses, I finished it last night… well, really, this morning at 3:30am. Note to self: Go to bed. Stop reading, and GO TO BED.

I think thats all. Except for this song. I’m listening to it right now on repeat, and I just love it… partly [ok, mostly] because its in the ‘Prom’ episode of Buffy, but it IS really pretty.

Tonight, it might be safer if I don’t pick up the next book in the series and just stick to a few episodes of Friends. sigh. I love Friends. It reminds me and Rachel and Christine very often. and I like that too. =) Night!




2 thoughts on “Inside Good, Outside Bad.

  1. ooh drafting yay! your class sounds really wonderful! making me miss art history a lot. sigh.
    hahaha mud mask party!
    wow i really like this hug mosaic. that one of ross+phoebe at the bottom is gonna make me cry though. ugh and they’re just all alone in the airport…no. no crying.
    and i’ve been staying up late reading too. bad, very bad.

  2. I think of you guys when I watch Friends too.

    I want to read all about Emmaline. And do a mud mask. I’m glad everyone did that. And that you took and posted a picture.

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