Bored Now

Some people, when they get bored, eat. Some read. Some sleep. I find that when I’m bored I clean things. Today, after the traditional present-opening, my daddy was quite content in cleaning out his garage, and my sister content in… whatever she was doing… so I decided to clean the house… and ya know what? The time flew by, and our house is that much tidier. =) 

Tomorrow I get my parking permit for my junior college for class that starts on Tuesday [which will also help with the boredom…] sigh. It’s going to be weird going back to school at the JC that I’ve already graduated from. But I’m excited too, it should be fun. I reallllly hope I like this class, ’cause I’ve signed up to continue in the interior design certificate program to hopfully finish by around this time next year… [please please plleeeasse! < like Lotte]


Anyway, off to read my book and drift to sleep. 



2 thoughts on “Bored Now

  1. i do all of those things. it starts with eating. then reading or cleaning – it’s a toss up. but more likely reading bc i clean when i’m stressed. i also sleep when i’m stressed, but i don’t read when i’m stressed.
    haha lotte!

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