Project Healthy Update


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Days Left – 2

Gym Trips Left – 2

Soda/Snacks – Yeah, I’m failing at this big time; I’ve had 5 or 6 sodas… I am drinking alot more water though…and I didn’t have ANY soda at Disneyland… and that’s somethin.

Sleep – Also, failing… but you know what I figured out, I think I need more than 9 hours to feel good sometimes. so there.


So in conclusion… I have 2 days left, and both days I MUST go to the gym, and meet this goal. must must must must.


P.S. lookie [this is truely my favorite blog ever]




2 thoughts on “Project Healthy Update

  1. i love those kinds of kitties -the soft grey kind. and look at his floppy ears! yea one day i’ll have one of those… 🙂
    ooh i like this blog. the secret’s out! now we know where all your wonderful pictures come from haha

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