Add it up

I finished Mermaid today. I’m so sad that it’s over… This will definitely be a book that I’ll re-read. Tomorrow is my last day of my 4-stright-days-of-subbing-math-extravaganza! and I’ll admit that although I’m pretty exhausted, it was really fun to have my own classroom where I could bring in my candle and flowers and play my musics while the students worked. [Not to mention the lunch time viewings of Modern Family and SNL on the big overhead screen]

I’m forseeing Wednesday as a nice day of relaxation with some sleeping in, some TV watchin’, some reading, and organizing at home. I’m excitedddd!


lazy days.

Also, this weekend we’re seeing Pirates 4 as a family, so I’m going to try to re-watch Pirates 3, since that was a really rough one to understand. But this one is going to have MERMAIDS!

since I’ve been subbing math classes, here’s a little equation for you….

mermaids + johnny = golden.


drink up me hearties, yo-ho!



One thought on “Add it up

  1. Yay! I need to re-watch all of them too because I watched all three of them for the first time when the third one came out, so everything’s sort of mashed together.

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