Resisting the target

Sam and I went to Target yesterday to get a birthday present for one of her friends. I think anyone would agree with me that that store will always have something that you absolutely need without you ever knowing that you needed it before walking in. Samantha literally had to pry 2 or 3 things from my hands as to keep me from spending any more money on myself than originally indended… [that being $0]…

Here are the 4 departments which I find consistently challenging to avoid when I go to Target…


1. The book section ~


Why I love: Not only is it one of the only places for print media that isn’t in jeopardy of going out of business, but all the books are facing outward so you can see the covers all at once, and they are organized by genre. Sigh. Something Borrowed and Mermaid were both discovered in the recommended reading section… and a lot of good came from that.

Item that had to be pried away: Vision in White by Nora Roberts. Need.


2. The bathing suit section ~


Why I love: SO MANY SUITS! sigh. and all [well most] are adorable. and affordable. and mix&matchable. This post is making me want to go back to target.


3. The candle section ~


Why I love: No other store, besides an actual candle store, has this great of a selection of candles. I’ve found some duds at Target before, I will admit, that don’t fill up any amount of space with their scent, but I’ve also found some of my favorite candles that I’ve ever owned there as well, and this last trip was a real challenge to walk away without one.

Item that had to be pried away: Honey and Oats Candle [I’m thinking its brand new too cause it’s not even online yet.]


4. The nail polish section ~


Why I love: All those pretty colors just waiting to be on my nails. I like to paint my nails really often, as I get bored with the color on them quite quickly… and with more choices, the painting rituals become less tedious and more fun.


There ya go. Man. I wanna go to Target now… I DID just get my paycheck after all…




2 thoughts on “Resisting the target

  1. oh man. those pictures made me really want to go there for all of the above. but no. bc i don’t have derek to take movies and things out of my clutches. ooh they have clutches there too. lol

  2. Yes agreed. Well except for the bathing suits, but I’m glad that it’s made you into Ariel. But Nora Roberts? Really? Haha. Good job on your restraint. Or good job to Samantha for helping you lol.

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