Interior Design Endeavor

For a while now, I’ve been seriously considering Interior Design as a possible career choice for myself, and on Monday I took the first step into actually testing it out and enrolled in Intro to Interior Design at Moorpark College starting this summer. I’m pretty excited about it, and interestingly enough, when I signed up it was just a impulsive decision I made that morning, but it just so happened to be the first day that I could register for classes this summer… coincidence? not even. 


So hopefully I’ll really enjoy it and I’ll be able to post about all the goodies I’m learning…

Who knows, maybe one day this will be my design blog 😉



p.s. only 1 month until The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure opens! ❤


2 thoughts on “Interior Design Endeavor

  1. whoa this picture is so perfect! and this is very exciting! i can’t wait to see/hear what you learn!

  2. Yes this picture is very good. And I’m glad that I was updated on this. When does the class start? Next week is my registration date for Skyline College (Forks) so I’m hopefully going to be able to take an interpersonal comm class at night.

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