Things that are good.

  1. Today, Samantha and I saw ‘Arthur’… Cutest movie I’ve seen since ‘Tangled’… granted, I haven’t seen many movies since then [if any] but ‘Tangled’ was really really good. and so was this. In conclusion, see it.
  2. My nail color right now is REALLY making me happy. ‘Shell We Dance’ by Sally Hansen
  3. This particular photo of Amanda Seyfried in Elle Magazine. [She holds other animals in the shoot, but I really like kitties, and her matching cat-eye makeup]
  4. The song ‘I Can’t Wait’ by Runner Runner. {link} Currently obsessed.
  5. These F.R.I.E.N.D.S photos I found. They make me happy.
  6. My boyfriend Jake. He hurt himself playing ping-pong. Then later he got sunburned playing volleyball. The lesson: activities with nets lead to injury. I like him very much.

night night xo



2 thoughts on “Things that are good.

  1. 1. oh i’m glad bc dad & i just watched the original and that got me excited for the remake.
    2. also good.
    3. she’s given catwoman a run for her money.
    4. such a cute song!
    5. HAHAHA i want to use the rosswalk…
    6. poor jake…

  2. 1. I would not have thought to watch this, so good to know. I had a dream that I met Jennifer Garner randomly and she wanted me to watch her kids lol.
    2. Yay Sally Hansen!
    3. Yes, very nice.
    4. Aw, yeah.

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