We’ve an unshakable bond

I made little online announcements for Rachel, Christine, and my reuniting this weekend for a lovely time. [ link ]

I’m VERY VERY excited! We’ll have activities such as jacuzzi time, F.R.I.E.N.D.S scene-it, Tangled, and snugglin’. 

And, there will also most definitely be some crying involved as well.




2 thoughts on “We’ve an unshakable bond

  1. hahaha yea there will! i like this agenda. gah i’m exciiiiited! i just made the dough for cookies n i’m gonna bake em thursday i think. they’re gonna be gooood.

  2. Man those cookies were good. Ugh we need to do this again. My place, next month? Haha. Too bad I don’t have a jacuzzi.

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