Monday 10: the spring is comin’

Only 6 days until the first official day of Spring. How exciting! I’ve already begun preparing for the season by laying out in the sun, making lots of lemonade, and growing sunflower seeds… here’s some other things that are just so springy and lovely!
1. I found this wonderful photo while flipping through my reader [I forget the source… =/ ] and it makes me wanna just run right outside, clean off my yellow beach cruiser and ride around town. sigh. so great. [P.S. this is also my desktop background right now]

2. The new Disney parade ‘Soundsational‘ coming in May… it’s gunna have Ariel, Tiana, Snow White, and Rapunzel… I mean, really? Could this BE any better?

3. This nail polish from Essie, called ‘ Midnight Cami’ … I want it.

4. A new little obsession for Sierra Boggess and her hair. I love her so much…[she plays Ariel in The Little Mermaid on Broadway] and she’s also making me seriously considering adding red highlights along with some dark blonde. [I need to be Ariel this summer. I just do.]

5. Speaking of Ariel, I also came across this adorable sketch, with her little book… Spring time is for reading I think [But really, what season isn’t?]

6. Hello, beach. I’m a’comin’. Don’t you worry.

[Image source]

7. Paradise Pier at sunset just says ‘Warm weather and soul warming is here’ [Even if its freezing outside.] MAN I’m excited.

8. Zooey Deschanel is adorable, quirky, and I love her. and this photo.

9. YUP another nail color… ‘Turquoise and Caicos’… so islandy… hence the name I suppose 😉

10. This song… 40’s and 50’s music seems to be resonating throughout the home these days and I’m darn glad of it 😉

Happy Monday! xo


2 thoughts on “Monday 10: the spring is comin’

  1. 1. very springy!2. yayyyyy!3. ooh i like this moody blue.4. yes you do. and i like that picture on the right -the hair is so cool.5. the hair in this one is neat too. so flowy.6. as i like this. polaroids need to come back.7. i want to go to disneyland so badly.8. she’s adorable. i just listened to the 500 days of summer soundtrack. love her singing.9. i like this one a lot.10. this kind of music is perfect for spring!

  2. You’re growing sunflower seeds??? How is that going?

    1. Man I want to bike around my town too. Poor rusty little bike. And I want this girl’s legs.
    2. Ugh I want to be there all the time…
    3. Ooh midnight. My favorite color when I was younger was midnight blue for a while, haha.
    4. Um yes you should do the highlights. And ugh I’m so annoyed that nobody up here wanted to go see that with me. What the heck is wrong with people.
    5. Aw yes how cute.
    6. How far is the beach from your house?
    7. Very true.
    8. Haha yes, she is very great.
    9. Very you.
    10. Music is just not the same these days.

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