Monday 10: T.V.

Since I’m sick, and Sam’s sick… there’s not much to do, besides, of course, watching T.V. [and blogging šŸ˜‰ ] So here are my current favorite T.V. shows to watch =)
1. Vampire Diaries

2. American Idol

3. Modern Family

4. Kourtney and Kim Take New York

5. Saturday Night Live

6. Pretty Little Liars

7. Glee

8. How I Met Your Mother

9. Lie to Me

10. Friends + Buffy [I know that’s two, but they don’t air anymore so I think they can count for #10 together]

Happy Monday xo [and please pray for us sick ones over here]


2 thoughts on “Monday 10: T.V.

  1. How come you’re sick again?? Is it really again, or were you just never fully recovered from before? And Sam too???!!!!? I ya yai. Haha.1. My sister keeps telling me to watch this. Right now I’m on Big Bang Theory though, which is also something she wanted me to watch, haha.2. Aw Ryan.3. Man I need to catch up on Season Two.4. Haha.5. Aw yes.6. I like them so much lol.7. Whoa I like this picture!!8. Chyeah.9. What season is this in? I should watch it too.10. I agree that because they don’t air anymore they can count together.

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