Monday 8: Pairs

Hello there =) It’s Monday again, and today I got my first paycheck from my job substituting. tra la la. How nice. Goodness, it’s so cold outside, and as much as I do like the cold, I am excited for it to start warming up soon…Anywhoozer, here are some pairs of things that I like that go together…

1. + 2. My two favorite things about the oscars… Gwyneth and ‘I See the Light’ performed by Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi. ❤ so wonderful

3. + 4. Two new nail colors that I’m loving!

‘Yodel Me On My Cell’ [from Christine!]
‘Sunset Orange’

5. + 6. Gosh it is quite fun filling in my Moleskine planner with all my activities that I actually have now! and now whilst I do it, I can wrap my hands around my new Starbucks Cozy, also from Christine… so adorable.

7. + 8. Once the warm weathers come, I’m absolutely going to hop on over to Target and buy this purple bandeau swim top to match the teal bottoms I already have, therefore completing the ‘Ariel’ suit. can’t wait!

Happy Monday xo
P.S. Today is Jake and my 7 monthiversary! yay us! ❤


3 thoughts on “Monday 8: Pairs

  1. 1. pretty pretty.2. SO good! the on-screen chemistry has finally materialized off-screen!3 & 4. i like both of these colors!5. i like this picture.6. i’m glad it’s still cold enough to be of use.7 & 8. it’s perfect! what a good match!

  2. Yay paycheck!1. Man I love Mandy so much.3. Ooh yes.5. That picture with the journal and glove is so cute. And aw little cozy.7. Yay they have it!! That means you can’t bleach your hair yet–you have to let it get that reddish tint again lol.P.S. Yay for 7 months!

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