Monday 9: The WORST

Happy Monday… so I was thinking about how I have to work tomorrow for the first time and I’m just so tired! And I’m just thinking to myself, this is just the worst. the. worst. so here are some other things that are just THE WORST… ya know?

1. Messing up your nails RIGHT after you paint them.

Don’t you just love this
Chanel color? – 505 ‘Particuliere’

2. Getting caught behind a train when you’re already late.

Darjeeling Limited

3. Losing your keys [well, losing anything really…]

Speaking of keys…Check out my new scarf rack.
[its a key… lol]<3

4. Chapped lips

Rocky Horror.

5. Having to wake up realllllly early.

This is someone’s BED! it’s $47,000, but I
still want it. =)

6. Dropping your sunglasses and watching them break right before your eyes.

I think Audrey would NEVER drop her glasses.

7.Cold feet when you are trying to fall asleep.

socks help =)

8. Having a horribly annoying song stuck in your head for hours.

my current torture.

9. When your best friend leaves you after the long weekend. sigh.

on our V-day date ❤

Happy Monday!!! xox ❤ [hope this post isn’t too depressing haha]


3 thoughts on “Monday 9: The WORST

  1. haha i like this post theme.1. that just happened to me! the worst.2. mmm yea that would be pretty bad.3. whoa! i like this key scarf rack!4. haha lips.5. omg i want that bed too!6. oh no! that’s just sad.7. o man this is the worst.8. hahaha9. what? [like chandler] he’s your best friend?! haha

  2. Ugh Jake estop it! Haha. I like this post theme too–coz it’s very relevant to you’re day.1. This ALWAYS happens to me. ALWAYS. Even when I go get them done lol. I just kinda expect it. I do like that color a lot though.2. Haha yeah.3. Whoa I like that! The scarf rack, I mean. Haha I like looking at Christine’s comments after I write what my first thought is.4. Those lips look so soft lol.5. Ugh. But whoa!!! I want this too.6. Aw yeah. I don’t think she’d drop them either.7. Ugh yes. But I do like socks.8. Ugh hate hate hate.9. Aw. Not good. Hahaha Christine! YUP.

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