Monday 10: St. Valentine

In honor of this day of love, here are some wonderful things that I love about Valentine’s day…
1. The wonderful colors that come with it… pinks, reds, purples, and white… so lovely


2. The treats! Look at the yummy treats that were being made at my house this weekend… yummm

I made these =)
Sam’s homemade frosting
Sam’s cake-makin’
yummy lolli and cake mess

3. The craftiness that is perfectly acceptable


4. Dates… sigh. wonderful


5. The lovey dovey vibes floating all about

how bad do you want that calligraphy ink and pen?!

6. Hearts. Everything hearts.

this headband looks good enough to eat


isn’t this adorable!? want

8. Valentines, of course! [I still love the elementary school ones… =) ]

Look at this wonderful e-valentine from Christiney =)

Tangled Valentines! ah!

9. Kissin’ ❤


10. Love songs


Happy Monday, and Happy Valentine’s Day!!! ❤ xo
[P.S. halfway through February already!? whoa.]


2 thoughts on “Monday 10: St. Valentine

  1. 1. i have those m&ms too!2. ooh yum. i think i’ll make some belated vday cupcakes.3. that jar votive is so cute & crafty.4. aw i like this picture.5. yes, i definitely wanted this pen+ink jar.6. these hearts remind me of sour belts.7. i like this bracelet lots.8. omg tangled! i saw some selena/wizards ones and i almost bought em, but there were like 50 cards and i don’t know 50 people with my affinity for selena to send em to.9. whoa where did you find this picture? like.10. so great. i ❤ kurt.

  2. 1. Yay for colors. And for M&Ms!2. Aw how nice.3. So cute. And so simple!4. Psshh, I wouldn’t know. Haha–I do like this though. 5. Ooh yes. To write single words on different pieces of paper, prettily.6. I love hearts. I totally bookmarked this a long time ago for future hump day happies posts haha.7. This is cute.8. Yup, the lobster one from Christine was perfect. And I totally news-feed stalked and saw that you showed this to Sam’s FB haha. And Christine, you should’ve both them–then you’d valentines to give to me and Summer for the next 25 years.9. I was just going to say–where did this picture come from???? Saving! Haha.10. Aw yes.

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