Monday 6: Antici…PATION!

This Monday, I thought I’d list some things that I can’t wait for [but unfortunately have to] <333
1. The Little Mermaid ride at California Adventure coming soon… maybe as early as May! woo!


2. Trentas at Starbucks… No one really needs that much to drink, but that much coffee at once is pretty exciting =)


3. More episodes of the Vampire Diaries!! yay! [look at this strange furniture designed for vampires, for easier bloodletting… weird.]

4. Valentine’s Day <333 [look at this cute pillow ;)]


5. Sleepover with Nicole next weekend

6. New jeans comin’ in the mail! … I hope they fit.

Can’t wait! =) Happy Monday…
[from the heading    2:53]


3 thoughts on “Monday 6: Antici…PATION!

  1. 1. so exciting!!! i hope the ride breaks down just as much as haunted so we can stay in there a bit longer :]2. oh trenta, one day i’m going to need you. and there better be a restroom nearby.3. whoa those chairs don’t look comfy at all. but i guess comfort isn’t really the point. no pun intended.4. i like this picture a lot. a lot a lot.5. “when girls hang out, we don’t have pillow fights in our underwear”6. get here faster!

  2. Haha Jake. 1. So exciting!2. Haha so funny. I wanna see it in person.3. Haha so weird. It kinda looks like sex seating lol.4. Haha aw. I like the balloons very much.5. Did this actually happen? Coz I heard nothing about it and I wanna!6. Do they fit do they fit??

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