Monday 10: Laaadddiiieeesss!

Hello, Monday! Nice to see you again… I suppose that means that I have to go back to the gym now… sigh. Well, as inspiration to go to the gym to start lookin’ good, here are 10 of my favorite female celebrities in no particular order… 

1. Jennifer Lopez~ I didn’t know I liked
her so much til I started watching her
on American Idol, she’s a sweetie!
and soooo beautiful

2. Rachel McAdams~ Allie Hamilton… need I say more?

3. Alyson Hannigan~ Ok so first you are Willow,
then you are Lily, plus the fact you are so
hilarious… yep, I love you.

4. Ellen Page~ Classy, cute, and a great actress
all in a tiny package. ❤

5. Jennifer Aniston~ Forever my girl crush

6. Kate Hudson~ So cute and funny!

7. Lauren Conrad~ The only one out of
the ‘Laguna Beach-ers’ that went on
to do something actually productive<3

8. Mandy Moore~ Hello, Rapunzel!
what a cutie, and so sweet!

9. Drew Barrymore~ Please be my best
friend… =)

10. Gwyneth Palrow~ The actual inspiration for
me going to the gym everyday. ❤

Happy Monday xo


2 thoughts on “Monday 10: Laaadddiiieeesss!

  1. jlo- did you see her on ellen? i want her to be on more.rachel mcadams- she’s so cute.alyson- yup she’s great.ellen- agreed.jen- man she looks the same.kate- “guys we hate kate hudson.” but really we dont.lauren- haha way to work hard!mandy- so pretty and nice!drew- haha silly.gwyneth- of course she had to be included. she’s top 40.

  2. 1. Yeah I like her a lot. Especially after I saw her on Ellen. 2. Aw yeah.3. Man yeah. And she looks so pretty here.4. So cute.5. Haha she really does look the same.6. Haha I kinda do. “You, Me, & Dupree” WAS a really bad movie. Maybe Lily’s onto something here.7. I bought her first two books this weekend! I didn’t get the last one though coz I want to wait for it to be on paperback.8. Ugh I love her.9. Haha aw.10. Haha she is a good inspiration/motivation. And she speaks Spanish so well!! That skit on SNL cracked me up.

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