Can’t Sleep

Well, hi there.
sigh, I can’t sleep… well the truth is I woke up just about a half an hour ago because I felt like I was going to throw up, so I got up, had some 7up, watched the rest of ‘What a Girl Wants’, and now I can’t get BACK to sleep… It’s kinda like a had a little nap… ever try to go to bed right after a nap? It’s pretty difficult. ugh. Plus, I’m still not feeling all that great. I guess the good news is I did NOT throw up.

Tonight.. well technically last night…was the my first time at Discovery’s women’s Bible study, and I liked it a lot. I can tell that I’m going to get more out of actually doing the work and reading from the book we are going through rather than the actual study, but it is nice to get the other ladies’ perspectives on some of the things…

Today was also day 3 of my 2 week gym going-every-day extravaganza… and phewph, it’s getting easier to go, but my muscles are NOT happy with me right now =)

welp, I think I’ll browse some blogs for a bit before attempting to sleep again. Goodnight & goodmorning.


2 thoughts on “Can’t Sleep

  1. aw get well soon! and whoa goin to the gym even when you’re not feeling good? that’s real dedication. i commend you.

  2. I’m glad you did not throw up. What book are you reading through in Bible study? Have you still been going to that? I’m glad it’s getting easier to go to the gym. Well, I’m glad as long as it’s still relevant haha. I need to get into a going-to-the-gym routine too. I’ve gone once lol.

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