Monday 10: Pretty as a Princess

This week, I was in such a mood to be surrounded by pretty, pretty things… Who isn’t right? so, I thought I’d list some pretty things, and some princess things 😉

1. My all-time favorite perfume… Vera Wang Princess.
2. I always have thought this was one
of the prettiest ads ever. for Chanel Chance.
I LOVE her hair… so much, with that
cute little bow =)
3. Burtonized Princess: Belle. Kinda
scary, but I like it nonetheless.
4. Whilst perusing engagement rings for fun,
this was my favorite one that I came across…
I love the simple thin band, and the princess
cut center diamond… oh so pretty.
5. Gosh, I love this
pretty mermaid sketch.
6. This Valentine’s Day picture. ❤ Oh so cute.
I love Valentine’s Day!

7. Phoebe and Mike’s wedding. sigh. SOOO pretty.
Gosh I love them.

8. This book painting by Stanford Kay
…um Belle’s Library anyone?
9.This Jim Warren painting. I’ve always
really liked it, and thought it was
pretty, even if its a little bit hokey. =)
10. My kitty impersonating the Princess and the Pea.
Hmm, concept idea for Disney???

happy monday xo


2 thoughts on “Monday 10: Pretty as a Princess

  1. 1. mmm every time i smell this, i think of you.2. a giant bottle like that would be a neat piece of furniture/art lol3. like.4. so elegant.5. aw i like that the fishie is just floating there above her hands. and her tail is so great.6. aw i like that.7. that was such a pretty wedding.8. whoa it’s a painting?! that’s great!9. aw that looks like a folder i had when i was in 5th grade.10. haha! princess ching

  2. Time to catch up on comments haha.1. “Haha, you said wang.” And I agree with Christine. Your work is done.2. Very cute.3. I like this too. 4. “Are you psyched or what?”5. Aw you should hang this on a wall.6. Very very cute. I like that it’s purple instead of pink or red. I love Valentine’s Day too!7. Mike’s vows are so great. And aw, Joey’s big smile.8. Whoa this is a painting??!!? Haha I just saw Christine’s comment.9. “A horse isn’t girly. A horn isn’t girly. But put them together, and you get a unicorn.”10. Haha Princess Ching. And whoa yeah! We need a Princess and the Pea. See, Disney still has so much ground to cover.

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