Monday 10 things: pictures

Good news… I finally decided on a digital camera   yay!… So here are 10 silly pictures I took while I was playing with it trying to figure out the settings. =) Happy Monday xo



This is a little thing that I put together…
Some porcupine quills, a woven fish from Hawaii,
and my new key that Sam got my for Christmas
all in a Mason Jar… I like it. =)

This is a candle. It’s one of the most wonderful
candles I’ve ever smelled… ‘Cinnamon Streusel’

I’ve reorganized my closet, and put all of my everyday tees
and tanks in these little bins… one is a newsprint bin from
The Container Store and the other is
a seagrass bin from Target<3

Here are my pants… on the left we have shorts
and pants I don’t usually wear/like [I can’t manage to part
with them just yet] and on the right are sweats, leggings, and
jeans I like to wear.

Audrey calendar… observe Rachel’s birthday on the
12th. Yay! … Just to add, I HATE accidentally seeing the
next month’s picture before that month comes.

Playbill binder… ❤ SO amazing. so so so amazing. 😉
Right now, I have 2 ‘Wicked’s, ‘Legally Blonde’, ‘Phantom’,
‘Beauty and the Beast’, and ‘Peter Pan’… “But who cares,
no big deal, I want MORE!”

2 out of my 3 suglasses have lost the screws
holding the sides on. I miss wearing the
Audrey ones from Christine… sigh. I’ll
fix ’em next weekend.

Lip gloss: ‘Amber’… because ‘Katie’ ran out.

I made a box for keepsakes from times
with Jake. Here it is. =)

My LC library… All that’s missing
is Sugar and Spice.


3 thoughts on “Monday 10 things: pictures

  1. i like that you started with “this is a…” bc it makes me think of the “this is a what” game.and i like your jar collection!and i hate seeing the next calendar picture too.playbill binder! that’s the dream!aw you need one of those eyeglass kits with extra screws and a teeny tiny screwdriverhaha amber is the new katiei like the jake box, too. you wrote it so the books are so pretty!and i’m glad you’re likin your new camera! :]

  2. Yay for a new camera! I stared at the “10” in your little headline thing forever coz I thought it was an I and an O at first so I was very confused lol. I like that you started it like that too coz I totally thought of that game lol. I love that game.Yay candles!!Yay bins! And organization. When I first typed “bin” I accidentally put “bing.” Which I like too.Aw look my birthday all pretty. And I agree about the calendar pages, but only if it’s a really nice calendar that I like a lot. If I don’t really care about the calendar, then I don’t really care about prematurely viewing the pictures haha.I like your Playbill book. Danny Mitchell has one of these. Ugh fix em!!!!!Haha I remember when you told us about Katie.Aw I like the box. It reminds me of Rory Gilmore’s Dean box.Man I want these pretty books.

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