Just some stuff

  • I can’t wait for Gwyneth on GLEE
  • I love green grapes
  • I miss my boyfriend
  • I hate going to the gym
  • I’m going to start re-reading Breaking Dawn tonight
  • Peter Pan is tomorrow
  • Its far too sunny and warm outside right now
  • I hate being wrong
  • My gym is newly refurbished and lovely, which makes it a little easier to go
  • Organization is awesome
  • I’ve watched 59 episodes of How I Met Your Mother in the past 12 days

That’s all.


2 thoughts on “Just some stuff

  1. -Yay for Breaking Dawn!!-Yay for Peter Pan!-I’m so cold right now, so I wish it was warm here. Well actually, I haven’t been outside lol, so I’m not sure if it’s warm or not…

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