It’s my party

Welp. I’m sick today. AGAIN. what the heck? Not fair.
But I did have an amazing week last week…
Thursday and Friday, my family and I went to Disneyland, and Saturday we walked around Downtown Disney.
Friday was my ‘fake birthday’ day, because Samantha left for the Bahamas on the actual day…
So on the 16th Jakey and I went to Universal Studios. SO FUN. then we went out to dinner and had some yummy corner bakery.

Then, yesterday, Nicole surprised me with a full day of wonderfulness. We got our nails done, got Starbucks, and drove to Hollywood to have dinner at the Village Idiot and after saw a comedy show on Melrose. Wow that was fun.

Plus I got lots of great prezzies! ❤

Now I shall just lay on this couch the rest of the day and mourn over the loss of my date tonight wtih Jake. ugh.


2 thoughts on “It’s my party

  1. Aw I’m sorry you’re sick. That was so great–Nicole’s surprise. Very nice. I’m going to Disneyland tomorrow and there’s nobody here to talk about it with and share the joy. So yes, you must get better so you can join me!!

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