B v G

Boys: Talk until they get tired and then either leave or go to sleep
Girls: Talk until they fall asleep mid-conversation and when they wake up, they figure out at what point they fell asleep and pick it back up.


I like when Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe have side stories in FRIENDS… Like with all three of them together. Like when they try to decide who would date who… and they decide that Monica is high-maintenance, Rachel is a pushover, and Phoebe is flaky. I like to imagine Rachel, Christine, and myself as the three of them. ❤


2 thoughts on “B v G

  1. Haha YUP.I like those moments too. Or when they’re waiting to see if Rachel’s pregnant, or when they’re looking at that museum and they tell Monica to leave her name for a wedding, or when they’re doing the bad boyfriends ritual, or discussing how they think the boys are in bed. Haha, ok I hope we don’t have that discussion, but the rest are wonderful.

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