What a great weekend this has been.
It kind of feels like I’m back in senior year of college when I’d do something everyday with my friends, and I’d be so exhausted, but it was so worth it.


  • went swimming 2x
  • hung out with Sam
  • had a dance party throughout the house
  • Jake got here
  • dinner
  • swimming again! + jacuzzi time
  • bed time…. [except that I couldn’t sleep AT ALL. I lied there for hours and probably only got about 1.5 hours of sleep… too excited for Disney, baby! ]


  • ‘woke up’ around 6am
  • watched friends
  • curled my hair
  • went to Disneyland w Jake and rode ALLLL the rides [well, all the good ones ]


  • sweated [ew]
  • dinner at Blue Bayou <333 [sat by the kitchen whilst my hair blew in the breeze of the rushing waiters and waitresses lol ]
  • fireworks

  • Disney songs + musicals ALLLLL the way home
  • gooood sleep


  • woke up at 8am
  • Said bye to Jake
  • nap
  • lunch/dinner w Sam
  • saw ‘Inception’ w Sammie poo [SOOO GOOODDD]
  • Rachel got here at 11pm
  • talked until 4am… laughiinnggg 
    • ‘OH! you took it out!?’ 
    • ‘One way or another, they’re gonna get you.’
    • ‘Do with it what you will.’
  • bed


  • woke up and drove to Carp for Reality
  • quick Leanna visit
  • lunch at Super Cuca’s with Stephen and Jake
  • went to Jeff and Karen’s house for catch up time [surprise!]
  • hung out more with the boys
  • playground time and the smacking game [+ falling over]
  • Sleeping Beauty + Snow White in the slide
  • Stephen’s and my car kissing before we left for Simi
  • horrible traffic the whole way home + Rachel trying to make her phone die
  • Late [but yummy!] dinner of turkey dogs with avocado adn tomato and ketchup and mustard and corn on the cob! ❤ [YUM]
  • Rachel finally killed her phone around 1am


  • woke up at 11am
  • talked in our jammy jams until 2pm [so much for watching Buffy… lol ]
  • Rachel left =(
  • did ALLL the laundry and other cleaning projects around the house
  • had delicious dinner
  • mint chip milkshake while watching the new ‘Sonny w a Chance’ w the fam. ❤

tired now.


    3 thoughts on “ALL

    1. mmm i want a mint chip milkshake. like now. it’s ridiculously hot here in tokyo.i like this post and all the goings on.

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