Sweet, Little, Beautiful, Perfect All-American Day

Happy fourth of July.
It’s been such a lovely weekend…
Yesterday, Daddy and I shopped for shelves for my room, and then Sam, Daddy, and I went to Moorpark to watch the fireworks like we do every year. It was lovely. We had KFC [annual disgusting tradition lol] and sat and saw some people we knew, listened to the band… who really weren’t that great [hense Sam’s worried face below], read our books, then saw the fireworks, and drove home listening to some wonderful musics. ❤ Great day.


My book of choice was, of course, Eclipse… Sam’s was her assigned reading for next year, Call of the Wild.         [Go ahead, click that pic to read what I was reading. It’s pretty DANG good. lol]

 Today, the fam and I went to the Paez’s house for a BBQ for the 4th. It was kinda fun, and kinda boring… But it was nice to have a little 4th of July foods. Then Sammie went to see Eclipse again with some friends and then went to another fireworks show, where Mr. Weston told her that he ‘has an emormous crush on her, and then asked her to be his GIRLFRIEND!? Her answer was the best I’ve ever heard… “I like you alot too, but you’ll have to ask my dad.” !!!! HA! Love that… that should be an interesting conversation. [to say the least]


Daddy and I installed my shelves, and hung my Buffy sword, my clock, and re-hung my playbills, and Barbie [now she’s centered over my bed =) ]. It took forever, but now my room is so perfect and wonderful!! I filled my shelves with all my pictures and gizmos and gadgets-a-plenty. SIgh… I wish I had a Troy for my Gabriella french doors. ❤ I LOVE MY ROOM!

Then, I made myself an amazing peanut butter and jelly sandwich and poured some Gran Spumante and sat in the Jacuzzi for a lovely time.


Then I showered and got in my jammy jams. Now here I sit. Man, I could spend most of my time in the shower and be a pretty happy camper. =)


 I’m shleepy. It’s like a miracle.
Good day. 
That’s that.


2 thoughts on “Sweet, Little, Beautiful, Perfect All-American Day

  1. Aw that’s nice that you had an All-American day for the 4th. Yay for Eclipse reading. And aw, Sam’s so good for reading her assigned reading already. Good job. And whoooooaaaaaaa Mr. Weston. Yup, best answer ever, Sam. Ok I love your room a lot a lot. Where did you get your shelves? Oh Gran Spumante. Haha, jammy jams. And that’s funny that you said you could be a happy camper, coz I was camping. And good, sleepy at midnight.

  2. best. answer. ever.mmm i want pb&j [no pb in japan…all we have is what could more accurately be described as peanut flavored jam]love the room and the shelves and the sword that is finally hung up and ready for action.

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