If they don’t dance, well, they’re no friends of mine.

So I moved my new [thinner] bed into my teensy room and I LOVE IT! My room looks so much bigger, and I have so much more room to walk around in here. [I don’t have to close the doors of my armoire to get to my closet… quite a difference =) ]

[notice my Ariel blankie ❀ ]
I also really enjoy my assortment of non-matching pillows. The only thing I need to fix is how my Barbie painting is off-kilter now. So very bothersome.

Also, I put up my ‘Curiosity’ picture that my mama got for me when I moved to SB. I LOVE IT. 
[Yes, I DO like cats… how many can you count?]

And! I put my two souvenir wine bottles in here too, my 21st birthday Dom Perignon, and Rachel’s 22nd Birthday Blanc de Blanc. =)

  Man, I love productive-ness. ❀
I also [with Daddy’s help] cleaned up ALL my college crap out of the garage. It’s so good to be done with that… We did it all whist listening to GLEE songs. I have a constant Glee medley in my head consisting of ‘I dreamed a dream’ ‘Safety Dance’ and ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’. I’m SO glad I bought that CD for Sam. ❀ πŸ˜‰

Tomorrow, I’m going to buy some shelves for my room to put books and photos and other various knick knacks on [with Michaela’s room as partial inspiration] some bins for stuff under my bed because I have too much stuff to fit in my room lol, and a shower rack for all my soaps and what nots in the shower

[My shelving inspiration. 
Yes, I took a picture of it. 
No, that’s not weird.]

Oh! I forgot to post this photo way back when I took it. Christine blogged about contents of a girl’s purse… with photos, and I thought to myself, ‘Self, that’s cute! do that!’ So I did!


[camera, pen/pencil satchel w/ pens, chopstick helper (R.I.P.), wallet, 2 perfume samples, Ipod, sunglasses, phone, mints, inhaler (dork alert), strawberry body butter, Tylenol, tide to go, lip plumping lip gloss, tissues, burt’s bees, Breakfast and Tiffany’s – ‘A girl can’t read that sort of thing without her lipstick’  – lipstick, oil absorbing sheets, disposable waterless toothbrushes, mirror, moleskine, paperblanks journal, home keys, SB keys (photo taken whiel still in SB), makeup bag for aforementioned make up items)]

New windows live photo ❀ LOVE


Missing that boy now. Ugh. I HATE THISSSS. I’d like it to stop now, THANKSSSS.

Eclipse was SO GOOD. hohhh. Sam and I waited in line for about 3 hours… the line wrapped around the entire building, even getting there 3hrs before it started we had to line up way at the back of the building and ended up sitting 3 rows from the screen because every other seat was taken in our theater [not that that’s a bad thing… hott vamps and warewolves that close to your face? YES PLEASE]. It was so great, and a little shameful but not too bad. We both wore Team Jacob shirts, twilight sweatshirts, and we sat in line upon our Twilight blanket. Sam also wore her ‘Bella’ charm bracelet… complete with wooden wolf and crystal heart charms. Man, it was great…
These girls in line were talking about how they haven’t read the books, so they can’t decide if they are team Edward or team Jacob. Sam and I GREATLY dissaproved that they were seeing the movie if they hadn’t read the books. Especially lining up at 12:11am… Like seriously!? Go home… read the books, then come see it. Don’t take up space in line when YOU DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING ATTTUUHH!!!! [caps aren’t enough to express my words] So, SINCE I HAVE READ THE BOOKS [UGH] I’ve decided that ‘teams-wise’… I’m team Edward for Twilight, team Jacob for New Moon [both so obvious], then team Jacob for Eclipse, and team Edward for Breaking Dawn… Good thing I have both shirts. πŸ˜‰



     Too excited                            Twi-hard gear          


                  Sam’s charm bracelet!                             Sam is READY


          Still too excited                             YAYYYY

Anywhozer. I think I’ll watch friends for 5 hours now in my wonderful bed.

That’s that.

3 thoughts on “If they don’t dance, well, they’re no friends of mine.

  1. Yay for smaller bed, bigger room. I was going to say that I liked all the different pillows, and then I scrolled down and you had said it, haha. And yay, I’m glad that one of your souvenir bottles is from my birthday =). Good job on the college crap clean-up. My college crap has gone from our garage to my bedroom. I’m gonna get on that today. Forreal this time. Forreal, hah. I want shelves too. I’ve been thinking about that, but I need to really think about what I would put on them first so that they’re not just random. (And psh, shelf-inspiration picture is definitely not weird.) And yay for the stuff in your purse finallY! Ugh I want Sam’s charm bracelet. Luhcky. (<–Napoleon.)

  2. Oh and I remembered that I forgot to address the stupid girls who haven’t even read the books. Ugh. a;odsihg;ahjuw;ghas;lgja;ljraow. That’s what I have to say to people like that.

  3. lol this is so wonderful and i wish SO MUCH that i could see it. man…alexis and i are DYING inside bc we haven’t seen it yet and we’re the only ones on the team who really want to.and like for the things in the purse! :]but now i’m just thinking abt all the stuff i just stuffed into my room before i left. ughhhh that is NOT going to be fun to clean.

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