Aloha ‘Oe

So I went to Hawaii!
Here’s what I did there.
Saturday 6/19

  • woke up early
  • flight got un-delayed [back to the right time] so we had to rush to get there on time
  • Loud horrible Daniel child sitting behind me kicking my seat the entire flight, and screaming for a good majority of it.
  • sam’s lost bag at baggage claim
  • stepped in gum
  • pretty red renal car
  • found out that sam’s bag would be on the next flight [hooray!]
  • drove to lunch at Aloha Mixed Plate!!! and had the best lunch EVER
  • went to safeway and bougth groceries and SANGRIA!
  • went to the hotel and saw the flamingos, and waterfall, and fish, and the beach
  • saw our room
  • showered
  • sam got a birthday cake treat at the room
  • took a nap in the wonderful beds
  • watched sleepy hollow and ate yummy foods [goat cheese pizza + salad with orange vinegrette]
  • went to bed

Sunday 6/20

  • sam’s suitcase was delivered
  • got dressed and went to breakfast at the hotel [after secretly setting up the father’s day prezzies we brought for daddy
  • came back and daddy opened the prezzies
  • listened to hawaiian music and got in our bathing suits
  • finished the sudokus [both easy AND hard] on the plane ticket
  • went to the pool and layed out
  • got into the pool and broke my toe
  • iced it
  • shower
  • 1st aid man [Arnold] came to help me
  • escorted to the Maui heath-care center to see Dr. Azman
  • xrays + shots + popped bone back into place
  • dinner at Leilani’s
  • bed

    Monday 6/21

    • got crutches
    • breakfast
    • nap
    • beach
    • luau at Old Lahaina Luau + pictures + cool woven fish thing + yummy drinks
    • goodnight text from Jake
    • shower
    • cuddled with Sammie pie
    • George Lopez
    • bed

    Tuesday 6/22

    • slept in a missed breakfast =)
    • lounged about
    • went to Sheraton hotel and beach
    • saw the creepy guy at valet parking calling me Maika’i Maka [beautiful eyes] and blowing me a kiss. ew.
    • swam in the ocean
    • went to Lahaina for dinner
    • saw some stray cats + pet them
    • dinner at the Fish House
    • saw a puffer fish and fed it bread
    • Rachel the waitress looked like a pixie
    • Irish water boy 
    • George Lopez
    • bed

    Wednesday 6/23

    • woke up @ 5:55am
    • almost were late for snorkeling
    • annoying wheelchair woman on the boat
    • snorkeling with fishes [with a broken foot]
    • got our pics taken by ‘Trey, the photographer’
    • boat ride back + wind + turtle universe
    • shower 
    • 2hr nap
    • dinner @ Hula Grill
    • George Lopez
    • bed

    Thursday 6/24

    • breakfast
    • drove to Paia
    • shopped and walked around
    • ate at fish restaurant +best fish tacos everrr + ‘feeling tipsy’ sign [reminds me of Ke$ha]
    • saw some lesbonims
    • went to Twin Falls + saw the waterfalls +got bitten by mosquitoes +rain
    • dinner with Rachel y Estemaria at Aloha Mixed Plate +weird waitress + pictures
    • George Lopez
    • bed

    Friday 6/25

    • breakfast at the Sheraton in wheelchair + Sam reenacting Disneyland rides [Indiana Jonas, etc]
    • voodoo boy catching birds + huggable waiter + birds eating scraps off the tables
    • sat by the pool for hours
    • fed the birds hot cheetos
    • spilled my $12 drink everywhere
    • got sweaty
    • showered
    • ate at Mai Tai lounge + had the BEST waiter ever [Adam] + best ribs ever + best potatoes ever + best mai tai and ice everrrr
    • shopped in Lahaina
    • saw a banyan tree and climbed on it
    •  ate ice cream
    • listened to Ke$ha

    Saturday 6/26

    • swam in the ocean to wake up + mermaid moments
    • shower 
    • breakfast
    • packed up
    • walked through the waterfall
    • airport
    • returned the car
    • flight home + pictures + tattoos + moleskine + music videos + poems + description of hell [on a plane ride for eternity where you can’t sleep, Daniel is behind you kicking your chair, the movie that’s playing is ‘The Ring’, and you are sunburned and itchy]
    • home

    # of Mai Tais : 5
    # of alcoholic drinks: 8 [excluding sangria]
    # without ID : 5

    Creepy Valet Man song
    [to the tune of Smelly Cat]
    ‘Creepy guy, creepy guy, I hope you aren’t working today.
    Creepy guy, creepy guy, I avoid you at all costs.’


    2 thoughts on “Aloha ‘Oe

    1. Man I miss Maui. I still have to blog about it. I’m procrastinating. That’s sad. I used to blog to procrastinate. Now I’m procrastinating from blogging. What is happening?

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