Last week

Today is Monday [well really early Tuesday morning]. The Monday/Tuesday after college graduation. Family went home, and now its just us.I took a nap until about 10 oclock at night, while watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s. So its time to blog.
Monday 6/7
Got grad cap and gown with Rachel and Christine
Walked around campus soaking it all in
Saw my baby picture in the nexus ❤
Turned in my [last] paper
Tuesday 6/8
Final at 8:30 am – finished around 9:30am
[Last] final at 4pm
Saw Sex and the City 2 with Leanna
Street dance party with Leanna
Rooftop time with Jake
Wednesday 6/9
Dress shopping + Lunch with Leanna downtown
Watched Glee finale with Melody and Leanna
Painted my nails matte slate grey
Finished ‘The Soundtrack of Our Lives’ project
Thursday 6/10
Packed up some of my room stuff
Barnes and Noble with Christine and Rachel
Bought Jake and Stephen’s Moleskines + some other goodies
Goleta Coffee House [one last F.R.I.E.N.D.S. time]
Super Cuca’s with Rachel and Christine
Drove home to drop off the load + drove back to SB in Rick’s red truck
Friday 6/11
Packed up my bed and other room stuff
Visited Rachel and Christine @ Christine’s apt.
Drove home
Burned CDs
Ran errands
Lunch with Sammie poo
Drove to Oxnard [BJs]
Waited for my friends + put our name in [‘Winter’]
Had the best dinner ever with the best friends ever


Gift exchange @ Jake’s
Soundtrack listening session in the toaster
Stephen sang to us
Cuddle/nap time until 4:00 am
Slept with Leanna for our last night as roomies ❤
Saturday 6/12
Mimosas with Leanna, Lauren, and Kristen in the moring
Got ready for grad
Photo shoot with housemates @ the Bella


Packed up
Drove to grad with Rach
Saw Christine and her mama + were given Leis
Dinner at Chuck’s Steak House


Wonderful presents 



McConnell’s with family
Pack up last stuffs with fam + Jake
Drove home
Sunday 6/13
Pancakes with family
Hung out + unpacked cars
Looked at grad pics with fam
Watched the Laker game + took a nap
BBQ dinner with fam
Ice cream and cake dessert
Watched Princess and the Frog
Monday 6/14
Goodbye to family
Pool Store 
Drove to SB
Goodbyes to Christine and Rachel
Signed sublease papers
Goodbye to Leanna
Cried and cried
Time with Jake [+ crying]
Goodbye to Jake
Drove home [+ crying]
Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Sam + nap
Talked to Daddy for a while
Watching Grease in bed

And now here I am… =)
I’m very tired now. Emotionally.
I haven’t cried this much in quite some time.

‘I mean, It’s the end of an era!’


2 thoughts on “Last week

  1. it IS the end of an era!i like this because we were all doing so much at the same time.also, i like the new layout :]

  2. Aw man this was wonderful. Who did you get the key necklace from, Norcal Wulffs? I like it. And oh, crying.

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