Soundtrack of our lives.

So theme songs so far…
1. Far Longer than Forever [The Swan Princess]… Applies to Christine, Rachel, and I, and how even when we are far apart, we will still feel like we’re together because of the love we have for one another. It will remind us of how we’re really not alone, because we’ll forever have each other.


2. Stay With Me [Colbie Caillat]… Applies to the three of us plus Stephen and Jake. We fit together so well, and we really just don’t want this to end. So it won’t. =)

Dogpile of Cats

3. Just Wanna Be With You [High School Musical Cast]… Applies to either the three of us, or the five of us. All we really want to do is stay and play and be with each other… We’re being pulled in different directions by life, but we know “No matter where life takes us, nothing can break us apart”… c’mon… “You know it’s true”


4. Til There was You [The Music Man] … Stephen and the three of us girls…. Stephen sings this to us at night when we are at his house whilst he plays the guitar. We’re his girls, and he’s our big brother ❤


Updates to this track list to follow.


3 thoughts on “Soundtrack of our lives.

  1. Man it’s just so perfect coz it really is us and it’s a dogpile but they’re cats because “do ya like caaaats?” This is so good I had to comment it again. You should post this picture to your wall photos on Facebook and tag us all haha.

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