Sigh…. Night hike last night… So FUN!
We climbed through the forest and through holes and bushes to arrive at a great star gazing/city lookout spot where we saw many shooting stars. Wow it was great.

*Side note* I’m never hiking again.

I’m listening to Gabe Bondoc currently. I love him so much, and a part of me wants him to stay not-so-famous so I can have him to myself, but another part of me wants him to get big so he can share his beautiful voice and guitar playing with the world. He’s Christian, too. And he likes Disney, and twilight.  His guitars are names after the characters from The Lion King.. ‘Simba’ ‘Nala’ ‘Zazu’.. etc. wow I love him. I want to know him.

I also want to know the Jonas Brothers and be their friend and make jokes with them.. Like this. (2:40)

Tonight is a meteor shower and we are gunna watch it, despite the fact that I have a midterm tomorrow.
Only 38 days left.
Gotta make the most of it.
School sure does get in the way of the fun. arg. I wish that we could stick around after we graduate and just have fun.

I like when a guy says he ‘admires’ a girl… instead of ‘likes’… or maybe he ‘fancies’ her. =D

Nicole sent me a package with a huge book of Alice stories in it and I LOVE IT so stinking much. Man I miss that girl…

Oh gabe. I could listen to you all day. Maybe I will.
That’s that.


3 thoughts on “Zazu

  1. the first thing i thought of was: “i’m going to want to meet him” loland i’m glad you had a great last hike! :]good luck on your midterm!

  2. I like when a guy ‘admires’ a girl too. I dunno about ‘fancies’ though. lol. Haha, Zazu. Oh Gabe Bondoc.

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