In the words of goldilocks…

Good day today. Worth a blog I think…
Two finals down. 140 and 105, now just 3 to go. They were not too hard and not too easy, just right… like goldilocks… which I am no more.
Then I got my new pants in the mail, and they fit quite well. Another good thing.
Got to watch American Idol when I wanted, ANOTHER good thing. =D
So I’ve been wanting to make a list of the simple pleasures in life that I enjoy so much, and I’ve been hesitant to do so, because I know as soon as I make it I’m going to think of something else that I want to add… but here goes…

  1. studying quietly with Leanna in our room with the both of us not saying a word.
  2. seeing a reality sticker on someone’s car
  3. imagining I’m a mermaid on my bike ride to and from school
  4. completing a sudoku puzzle in the daily nexus
  5. when the song I’m listening to perfectly matches the circumstances that I am in at the moment I am listening to it
  6. when the food you order at the restaurant comes out so much better than you expected it would
  7. when you wake up earlier than you need to, look at the clock, and realize you have several more hours of sleep
  8. a clean, organized bathroom
  9. a really great photo
  10. good hair days
  11. being the perfect temperature, not too cold, not too hot, but just right
  12. the feeling of something cold going down my throat and into my stomach
  13. feeling pretty
  14. days when everything seems to go right
  15. re-discovering an old cd that I used to love, and loving it all over again.

like I said. there are so many more things I could list, but that will be in for now… not too many, not too few…. just right.

homegroup tonight ❤
that is that.


2 thoughts on “In the words of goldilocks…

  1. Haha aw I love your list. And I kinda wanna create my own jeans now too after seeing yours yesterday, but I’m worried that they won’t come out right lol. Yay for home group. I love them so much. And I like the theme of this blog. It was just right.

  2. well, i read this @630am after finishing my paper (your blog was like a reward or a congratulations for finishing!) but i ran out of words so i couldnt think of anything for a comment. so now im back. and i liked this post a lot, too. you are so creative with these things. and yay for good days! and i want to see these pants! im excited to see you tonight. it seems like its been a looong while. and since i not clever like rachel i shall end with: seacrest out.

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