Bucket List

“If your life flashed before you, what would wish you would’ve done…?” – Chris Allen
I watched an episode of “The Buried Life” on MTV for the first time yesterday. Wow, it’s such a great idea for a show, and so impactful, especially for MTV. Its this group of 4 guys, a bus, and their bucket list, the list of things they want to do or accomplish before they die. For every single thing they get to do on their list, they fulfill an item on someone else’s.
Yesterday’s was “Help deliver a baby”. and so they did. and in return they worked a full day at a fast food restaurant to help this teenage girl go see her mother’s grave site in a different state, because she had never been able to see it. Her mom contracted a disease from the water during hurricane Katrina, and was kept in a facility far from her daughter, and died without being able to see her again… needless to say, I cried. =D
I told Leanna about it, and she asked me ” Do you have a bucket list?”
and in fact, I don’t! which made me wonder….”Why DON’T I have a bucket list?” so I’ve decided to make one right now, off the top of  my head (for the most part), so here goes, in no particular order…
1. Have a baby
2. For some period of my life, be completely self-sufficient and independent finacially
3. Marry the man of my dreams
4. Go to Europe
5. Have a job that I enjoy waking up in the morning to go and do
6. Learn to sew on a sewing machine
7. Record, in some way
8. Have an exercise regimen that I actually stick to and am excited about
9. Go to Alaska
10. Read the entire Bible
I’ll keep in at an even 10 for now, but I know I’ll be adding to it. And hopefully eventually subtracting from it.

This weekend is Valentine’s day, Sam’s 2nd favorite holiday (behind Christmas) 
and I am going home to see ‘Valentine’s Day’ with her tomorrow. Oh I just can’t wait!

Tonight, I’m going to straighten my hair, pack up, make valentine’s, email my prof. to make up my (last) final from last quarter(!), catch up on my credit card balances, order a pair of jeans, clean the bathroom, and go to real life.
I have about 3 hours to do all of that. phewph!

my valentine this year …


One thought on “Bucket List

  1. Haha I like your list! I want to learn to sew on a sewing machine too! We should learn together. I want to do most of the things on your list, actually. Haha. Let’s do them ALL together. Including have a baby. Haha.

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