The One with the Facebook Status.

Friday is HERE!
Oh Friday how I longed for you.
The days passed so slowly with you as the light at the end of a long hallway with no windows.
Now that you are here, it is as bittersweet as a long goodbye, as you dissapear so quickly right before my eyes into yesterday.

Anyway. I’m in the closet again, as it is the only place in my room that I get decent reception for the internet. Only 14 more days until my hair is one tone, which also happens to be on a glorious Friday. Even the look of the word Friday brings me joy. Took my first midterm of this quarter today, I think I did quite well. So well, in fact, that I am EXTREMELY unmotivated to start absorbing the massive amount of knowledge that I have to retain by Tuesday of next week. Yuck. 3 Midterms.

It’s raining today, but I don’t have to be in it so I am a happy girl. =) I should like my friends to come over tonight if I get things done like I need to, which probably won’t happen, but I still want them to come.

Leanna is gone for the whole weekend… last night we actually had such a great time LAUGHING for about 15 minutes straight because of someone’s status/status comments on Facebook last night… Here’s what it was and we’ll see if I still find it funny in the future.

Chris Comstock, the main speaker at Real Life posted that he had seen Doc Brown in SB getting a coffee. Now, this is very funny bc Leanna and I are planning a BTTF marathon for the 22nd of February. But the comments were what made it SO funny.

Ted Burrows

Yep, he lives in SB. I saw him once in the Upper Village in Montecito… but I think that was way back in 2002.
Yesterday at 1:03am

Ryan Caldwell

That is so sweet. How much was his coffee? 1.21?
Yesterday at 6:49am

Kyle Menig

Thought that guy was dead.
Yesterday at 7:23am

Chris Comstock

121 Gigawatts to be exact

No. But he will be in the future.
Yesterday at 9:42am via Email Reply

Wouter Venter

Did you ask him if he has a spare floating skateboard
Yesterday at 11:25am

Brandon Fischer

I saw him too. He was actually driving a klingon bird-of-prey. I don’t know what all you guys are talking about.
Yesterday at 3:00pm

Chris Comstock

Fischer, you know Doc brown from the movie Back to the Future? Driving the D’Lorean car, that guy was in the coffee shop I went to.
Yesterday at 11:21pm

Leanna Apland

me and my roommate summer laughed at this for about ten minutes, bc we were just planning a back to the future marathon when we read this status. We like Ted Burrows comment about his Doc Brown sighting of 2002 very legitimate!
15 hours ago

Jason Pelletier

Where he is going…he doesn’t need roads!!
4 hours ago

and thats that. I still think its pretty funny right now, so thats good news. Leanna ALSO surprised me today with a brand new bag of yummy cookies for eating! hohh so excited. She’s great. I helped her with her registration today too, so now she is TOTALLY set for Spring quarter. She has all the classes she needs, and is on the waitlist for one that she wants. it was fun helping her. AND there is an opening for a peer advisor for spring quarter in the psych department... interesting…

so anyway, this weekend will be a lot of learning, but I do hope to see Rachel and Christine, as I said before. It’ll happen though. for sure =)
I suppose that is all for now.



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