Well, Well. Well.

So much has happened.
And yet, not that much really.
just one big thing.
It hurts really badly.
I can’t talk about it.
or type about it for that matter.

so I’m not gunna.

Winter quarter started, and its one of the most stressful things I’ve had to deal with when in comes to school stuff.

I think the stress is almost over though.
I’ll know tomorrow if thats true.

I LOVE my friends so much.
that makes me want to cry too, I can’t really descibe how much I love them. Its like inside my chest is a cup… a mug really. A plain white one as I am picturing it. And its like a hot beverage is being poured into it and sometimes it gets poured way too much and it just spills over. Thats the feeling I get when I think about how much I love my friends.

Today I was un-parking my bike under a tree and a twig got stuck in my hair, and i didn’t notice until I got home. But its alright, all I did was ride my bike home, so it wasn’t a biggie.

I really dislike when carmel gets on the outside of the starbucks cup so when you pick it up it gets onto your hands. ugh.

I cleaned ALOT today. and I am glad for that.
I should like to go to bed early tonight.

and that is that.



One thought on “Well, Well. Well.

  1. Oh yes, the wonderful overfowing mug metaphor. I like it a lot.And I like the twig in hair story, too. Haha.

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