Next Post.

Today was a nice day. It was one of those “My life is pretty dang good” days. Sometimes I take those days for granted. but then I blog about how great they are and it’s all ok. =)
I still haven’t decided if I’m going to let other people read this, not that they would. Julie did it… and now look at her. 
My purse makes me so angry sometimes. its just too big, That’s it. I’m changing purses the VERY next opportunity I get to do so.
Yoplait stopped doing their lids for a cure thing. I still have yet to send my lids in.
Rachel and I just spent about … an hour and a half talking about all the boys we’ve ever liked. 
It used to be so innocent back in the ‘Vinnie’ days. Then IM came along and made everything sneaky… and now… I don’t really know what ‘Now’ can be classified as, but maybe years from now I’ll read this and say….”oh yes, back then it was so ____ “
Didn’t watch Glee. The Bella girls and some not so Bella boys are down there listening to music and watching State of Play. Not interested. 
Oh Sheu. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get to watch you.
Its hard to eat yogurt and type at the same time. Actually its not possible.
Bought the New Moon tickets tonight w Rach… Im kinda sad it didn’t turn out the way we planned but maybe it will be better this way.
Whatever, I’m just so excited to see it I don’t really care.
I think I will read Peter Pan  now and then go to sleep.
Ugh…. school tomorrow. GROSS.
then real life. I’m trying to decided if I’m excited about that.
Maybe me and rach can hang out afterwards. I just love her. 
Thats all for tonight.

“Hello Hurricane, It’s not enough. Hello Hurricane, You can’t silence my love. I’ve got doors and windows boarded up, All your dead end fury is not enough, You can’t silence my love.”


One thought on “Next Post.

  1. I am very glad that I am inside this secret world. I CAN READ IT. Buahaha. Oh I remember that night. With all the boys. Seems like so long ago, yet I can still remember it as though it was yesterday. Well maybe not yesterday, but like, a few days ago lol. I think it’s possible to eat anything whilst typing. Except maybe chewing gum. Or gogurt. That was your problem. Your yogurt constrained you, keeping you in for the night, as some might say.There’s good ol’ Peter again. Oh.

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